Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, all about health and acceptance.

My husband and I rang in the new year in AZ with a couple of friends. A trip scared me. My first panick attack in years hit me on my last trip and the memory of that is still clear, still strong. Not only that, but part of the plan included a big outdoor party (nice warm weather in AZ)and I was really nervous about spiking in a huge crowd. Well, I did spike a bit. And, I did spike a bit. I had to take this as an opportunity to let the anxiety come without analyzing and ruminating. It was hard, but I got through it. I even enjoyed one of the sweetest NYE kiss with my husband. So, I take last night as a success for me. It wasn't a perfect night, but anxiety didn't paralyze me, I looked it in the face and still had fun. Here's to starting the new year one step ahead of OCD.


  1. That is AWESOME!!!! Great job. Keep up the great work. It really is a step by step process.

  2. That's an important point you make--acceptance of the anxiety for what it is. I'm glad you got through it and had fun. Here's to more of the same throughout the year! :-)