Monday, April 23, 2012

Long Time No Post

Well, here I am, at nearly 11 weeks along, and I'm actually feeling ok. My energy is a little better, the nausea is seeming to get a bit better (though I hesitate to type this as it has a way to turn around on you). I've now seen the little bean on an ultrasound, heart beat is strong, baby is where it should be.

I'm managing the OCD really well, I've maintained my reduced dose and symptoms are about what they were on the higher dose. Apparently hormones can be good for something! Right now, I am dealing with a ton of stress at work and that is the one thing that feels out of place right now. I commute, a lot. And my job is really frantic and high pace. I like a good pace at work, but balance is really important to me. So, now I am stuck with looking for a new job when pregnant and dealing with the "when do you tell" issue, or staying at a job that isn't good for my stress level and overall well being.

I've managed to not over do the whole "perfect" pregnancy thing. Honestly, between morning sickness, exhaustion, and food aversions I have not, and cannot be perfect, so I've had to settle for doing my best. Now isn't that a life lesson for the OCD brain!


  1. Wow, you sound like you are handling all the stresses of life really, really well. Great work!

    There is no perfect pregnancy, and I'm so happy for you that you've been able to see that. I'm sure that's a bit of a relief.

    How exciting that you got to see your little one on ultrasound!

    Good luck on the whole job thing. Those kinds of decisions are definitely tough. You seem like you are in a good place to deal with it though.

  2. That's a wonderful life lesson! It sounds like you are doing so well.

    Job stress is no fun. I hope you are able to resolve it some way, either through another job or reduced stress at the current one.

    It's an exciting time for you, and I wish you the best!